Ceramic Canisters Guide

Jun 17th

Ceramic canisters – Everyone knows that you should not use metal containers or aluminum foil in the microwave because metal produces sparks. But not everybody knows that the use of empty butter pots can be dangerous or troublesome. If the label shows that the container is suitable for microwave oven, you can use it. If it does not, it would be better not to use them for cooking in the appliance.

Vintage Kitchen Ceramic Canisters
Vintage Kitchen Ceramic Canisters

Some containers have a ceramic enamel is heated if you put in the microwave. This does not mean that they are not suitable for use in this appliance, but require the use of a pot cap. Glasses containing lithium, lead and barium, often used in decorative ceramics, are unsuitable for microwave use or do not use them to store any type of food. Do not use ceramic canisters containers flashing metal jewelry. Corning Ware splitter produces ceramic microwave containers.

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If wanted, you can use a ceramic canisters jar container with decoration and lid with worked knob. Ideal for storing pasta or other foods, thanks to the hermetically sealed cap it is able to maintain a perfect degree of absence of moisture and excellent storage. Color and decoration make this accessory perfect for a Provencal or shabby chic style kitchen.