It’s Post about Ideas Modern Bookshelves

Jul 25th

Today we wake up readers and wake up with a post about ideas to decorate with original shelves, modern bookshelves or curious. And is that if something is never missing at home are books. They can be cookery books or art and photography, historical novels or perhaps professional reference books if you work at home, comics, books that give us and we do not know where to keep them and even fake books that only serve to decorate.

Unique Bookshelves For Sale

But even if you are one of those who prefer visual and you have few books at home, you always need shelves to place other items commonly used or simply decorative, such as bowls, candles, cups, vases … If your style is contemporary or minimalist , yours is that even if it seems counterproductive, do not use modern bookshelves to fill it with books (in these styles purity of lines is essential, and a large mass of books seen, if not well thought out, can to be chaotic in sight).

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If you have a loft or very high ceilings and you are a great reader, you can also choose to make a modern bookshelves to measure from floor to ceiling, although in these cases we recommend that you have a lower area closed and opt for a dark tone, because In addition to giving more sense of quality, it serves as a homogenous “container” for something as variable as shapes and colors of books.