Preschool Crafts Use Gold Doilies

Jun 20th

Gold doilies are elegant pieces of fabric or paper featuring ornate cut-out patterns similar to the tip. They are sold in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and add beauty to each ship’s project. With some simple steps, pre-school children can also transform doilies into creative pieces that mom and dad are eager to show.

Small Gold Doilies
Small Gold Doilies

Doily frame

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Let each child cut out his or her picture in some form and glue it in the middle of a doily. The kids can also glue on arches and jazz up their gold doilies with glitter and color. Turn small doily frames into Christmas ornaments with loops of ribbon or string in the top.

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Doily canvases

Cut white or cream paper or thin wood into shapes that fit in the middle of the gold doilies, leaving decorative lace borders along the edges. Have the children glue paper or wood in place, and paint what they want on their tablecloths. Frame these masterpieces to create valuable wallpapers. Cut a line from the outside to the center of the circular plate. Let the kids wind the doilies around the frigate cones and glue them in place, glue on the springs of the wings. Plate the pointed cone tops with a scissors. Glue a small frigate ball on top and paint the peach, then paint the faces and glue on yarn for hair. Give each child a small glow of gold pipe cleaner, to be glued to the top.